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April 5, 2010

Samples Samples Samples

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You know I love my freebies. I received a lovely little Lever 2000 bar of soap and a Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut Bar (yummy) this week. I am not sure who I can pawn the Cream of Wheat sample off on, lol.

This week I have found some good ones (I found found many more but only post the halfway decent ones)

Petco.com has a coupon on their site for $5 off a purchase of $25 or more – valid in-store only. They are having a Natural Neighborhood Festival this Saturday too.

Waffle House has a coupon on their site for free regular hashbrowns through April 16th – add ins are extra.

Enjoy the samples for what they are, little bitty cute versions of the big stuff. Have a great week, especially if you are on Spring Break!

Diva Monkey

March 31, 2010

13 Things Your Grocer Won’t Tell You

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Get smarter about grocery shopping.

  1. If you hate crowds and lines, shop at dinnertime (5 to 9 p.m.) or even later. Only 4% of shoppers hit the aisles between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. The least crowded day of the week? Wednesday.
  2. Go ahead and reach way back for fresh milk, everyone does.
  3. Coupons with a bar code are easy to scan. The other ones take an eternity, but if you are willing to wait…….
  4. That star fruit has been there a lot longer than the broccoli. Familiar produce turns over more quickly than exotic things.
  5. “The more products you see the more likely you are to buy,” says Marion Nestle the author of What to Eat. “That’s why the aisles are so long and the milk is usually in the far corner.”
  6. Like employees with a good attitude? Shop at chains that are employee owned, suggest customer satisfaction surveys. When employees have a stake in the profits, it shows in their attitude. I personally dislike the service at the blue big box store.
  7. The “grazers” order food at the deli, eat it as they’re shopping and get rid of the evidence/wrappers before they check out. I call that stealing. But it’s not my chicken!
  8.  I’m not just selling groceries, I’m selling real estate. Look high and low-literally-for good values from smaller manufacturers who can’t afford to stock their products in the eye-level sweet spot.
  9. We’re marketing to your kids too. That’s why we put the rainbow-colored cereals and other kiddie catnip at their eye level.
  10. Be wary of “specials.” When people see signs with numbers-“8 for $10!” “Limit: 5 per customer”—they buy 30 to 100 percent more than they otherwise might have.
  11. The baby formula is locked up because thieves resell it on the black market. Ditto for the cough and cold medications, smoking-cessation products, razor blades, and batteries.
  12. Driving your Ferrari to the Piggly Wiggly and want to avoid shopping-cart dents? Park far, far away.
  13. You’ll end up tossing 12 percent of what you buy.

Now here are some of my pet peeves in a grocery store by the staff and shoppers alike.

  • The freezer doors are clear, you do NOT need to open them to browse. This just fogs them and all the surrounding ones up and then I can’t see. So keep the door closed while you try to decide if hawg tracks or ass swirls will be better covered in fudge sauce.
  • Why do the stockpersons’ decide to fill the shelves and put their carts across the aisle at the exact moment I want the item they are stocking. Then they act like I am inconveniencing them for wanting the yeti nepalese tea bags in a pyramid shape. WTH! Don’t they know I pay their salary. (They love when you tell them that, just try it)!
  • Women (really anyone) that tries to steer a shopping cart and talk on a cell phone for more than 2 minutes. I am very understanding that you may need to check in because you forgot something but are you really that lonely that you need to talk while buying hemorrhoid cream? Maybe you need the moral support. It’s ok.
  • I boycott the sample tables. Besides the plethora of diseases you could contract (flesh eating bacteria, E.coli, etc.) these senior citizen manned card tables are traffic blocks that will cause your grandmother to cut you over a microwaved piece of Mr. G’s teriyaki chicken.
  • Ok, one more vent….Bagging groceries is an art. There is no pride in bagging anymore. I line my items up as I want them bagged. Frozen stuff, cold stuff, dry, you get the point. Inevitably they’ll put a magazine with something cold and wet. Dumb jacks. I would love to bag my own stuff. I like to bag like items with like items, common sense. Not oo much to ask, right? Well yes it is.

Well, there are my tips that I plagarized from Yahoo and my vents, lol. Have a great night!

Diva Monkey

March 24, 2010

You Can Only Save If You Read My Blog

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Update on me (it;s MY blog, lol) I had dental surgery yesterday and Little Shop of Horrors has nothing on them. I had 13 shots for 3 extractions. woo wee. I blessed them with some choice words.

On a happier note…..



  • Crocs – 20% off – use code “feelthelove20” through 3/28/10 or Free shipping code “secondchance” limited time
  • Free 60 day membership at BJ Wholesale Club www.bjs.com 


  • There is a nice BOGO coupon for TGIF’s you have to buy 2 beverages through 4/4/10. I have hard copies at my desk.

Have fun and let me know how the savings work!!!!! Diva Monkey

March 18, 2010

Samples, Savings, Coupons, Oh My!

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First I must rant about Nanston Dental in Snellville, GA. Their office staff suck! They were supposed to fax something to a 3rd party managed care company regarding a claim for me and told me they did on Monday and the jackhole just did it. So I sit here in terrible pain. Ok enough complaining that’s not what you are here for, lol.

Free Samples


  • Kohl’s 3 Day Shopping Pass March 19 – 21 – 15% off everything – Code 5001

3-Day Shopping Pass. Take an EXTRA 15% Off EVERYTHING (yes, we mean everything!) in our stores and online March 19-21.

If you know of a money saver please post it.

Have a great day and hopefully I’ll have a dentist appointment tomorrow!

March 16, 2010

A Slow Day for Savings & Freebies

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Hi all! If anyone signed up for the Kashi cereal sample you will be pleasantly surprised to find a coupon for a FREE box of cereal and 3 more coupons for $1.50 off. Awesome!

There is an Old Navy coupon for 20% off but it expires tomorrow (3/17) the code is “ONGET20”

DSW has a $5 off code but you must be a reward member.

If you are not you should be, it’s free. The code is “KCOOK34”

Sears is offering 20% off householdgoods and linens 3/18-3/20 code “SPRING”


I stick these samples in the ladies room or give them to a co-workers teenage sister.

March 15, 2010

Samples & Savings

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This weekend was a great savings weekend for me. I had a coupon if you purchased Tide you got a tide stain booster 18ct ($6.99) for free. There were some really good deals out there between coupons and bogo (buy one get one free).

Free Samples

Free & Savings

  • Free Coffee at Dunkin Donuts Every Monday in March 
  • 30% off entire online purchase at PetCo code “VIP30”

March 11, 2010

Fun Stuff

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For St. Patrick’s Day and Easter recipes, crafts, family fun ideas and more (for free) visit www.familyfun.go.com

Green StampShamrock Stamp

Free Samples, Etc.

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With free samples there are limited supplies and it does take a while to get them but they are great for trying new things out, having a little snack for the kid or pet (or the co-worker that comes by hungry). I keep some of my samples in an organizer in my car and some in a desk drawer. We did a collection at work for The Forgotten Soldiers Outreach and the little sizes were great to throw in.

FYI, you will have your email on their mailing lists. Think about creating an alternative email address for the less important things in your life, like this. That way you will not have to check it daily (or at all).


Free Baking Soda Shaker – www.armandhammer.com


March 10, 2010

Hello world!

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